The Karma “Keys”

These are the Karma “Keys” that open and allow us to access very important information that we can heal in order to transform our lives.

Karma Key 1: Guidance. Addictions

This Karma Key helps to find messages that can lift us back from a state of despair, confusion, depression and a feeling of living through life as it were a burden. It opens the door to possibilities and resources that we have.

For people who have done already a bigger inner work, they can find tools that will help them make important moves forward. The job here consists in recovering resources from past lives that are positive for us and deactivating old negative self destructive patterns.

On this section of the Akashic Records we will also find all the different type of addictions throughout our past lives to sex, alcohol, tobacco, sport, work, power, money, fear, failure, pain, suffering, etc. and their origins in order to reconcile and heal them.

Karma Key 2: Difficulties. Decrees. Curses. Visceral emotions. Commitment

In the first part of this Karma Key we have the biggest difficulties that we have encountered through our learning processes and on the second part the way to overcome them. This provides assistance to unblock and regain self confidence which will be very useful, also with the use of specific affirmations and decrees.

The type of difficulties we are dealing with here are: the ones we have experienced throughout past lives due to not having properly set up the connections with our live learnings, disorientation, feelings of unworthiness, lack of resources, mental confusion, a damaged mental plane with link to illness, incapacity to process information, disability to develop personal faculties, stagnation, lack of confidence and emotional pain.

Karma Key 2 provides the way to face these situations making changes, finding new ways and possibilities, opening doors, finding ways out and in many occasions, releasing energetic burdens and tensions. When we achieve all this the feeling remaining is of happiness, wellbeing and satisfaction.

In this section of the Akashic Records we can work with the “genies of the decree”, we will make decrees and do them with precision. It is not enough that the decree, or affirmation, is beautiful, it must resonate with us in our own heart and we must feel how it affects us inside generating, order, relief and strength. This is one of the main tools that unblocks attitudes, old patterns and changes limiting ideas and believes.

The “art of asking” is run by an entity of the Akashic Records that helps us connect with whatever it is that we need to put order on with the decree of transformation. In every process there is more than one decree and each decree or affirmation has its stage of change, integration, transformation and consolidation. It is also a must to establish the exact number of repetitions and number of days needed.

With this Key we will also find the curses that we have received in past lives, or the ones that we have made, and are pending to be healed.  They are the cause and effect of many things that bring to our current lives various headaches and obstacles and that we do not know how to make sense or resolve as we are ignorant of their true origin.

Another very important aspect of Karma Key 2 is that it opens the door to show us our visceral emotions, i.e. the feelings we get from the most profound and instinctive part of ourselves. There is nothing worst in the world than wishing to be something that we are not, and to do nothing to achieve it. Often we will find hidden energies or a mix of some of them that impede us to move forward. It usually has to do with fear, mistrust, frustration, insecurity and doubt that generate this blockade. It is the final sum of the different aspects that we have added through different incarnations.

Doing this sometimes can be difficult, but the result is overwhelming. Being able to free any of the above will allow us to recover a lot of energy that was stuck in different conflicts and it produces an enormous feeling of peace.

Finally, in this part of the Akashic Records we will also find the energetic information of the commitment. Being able to commit to a project, a person, an enterprise or a situation, means, being able to invest a part of ourselves in that commitment.

In many occasions life will bring us challenges that will question our commitments. These tests are opportunities for improvement that we discard due to fear, laziness or not bothering to change or consider breaking up our compromises.

Karma Key 2 holds the flexibility energy to adapt to changes needed to transform the internal barriers, shutdown attitudes, as well as feelings and emotions of culpability. In summary everything that holds us inside old believes and outdated values that have nothing to do with our life purpose.

Karma Key 3: Lack of Love. Changes

This Karma Key is related to the love never received from parents, loved ones, partners or couples. Either because they were not able to express it, communicate it or give it to you. Here we will find all the uneasiness lived throughout our existences due to the lack of love.

These situations caused a huge emptiness inside of us, a vacuum that forced us to live many hardships, much mistrust and castrated the progress and expansion of the wonderful vibration of love. Many failures in our different existences have been caused by the lack of knowledge or ignorance of this sweet and serene vibration which is unconditional love. This frequency is a state of sweet wholeness, of harmony towards every human being that surrounds us.

Another very different aspect of our karma that can be dealt with this Karma Key is changes. We all need to make changes some times and this section of the Akaschic Records provides us with many possibilities.

Changes are a part of our lives and we might feel the need to make them at any age, and on many regards, such as relationships, work, and the city we live in, lifestyle and also internally.

Some changes can produce small or even large transformations in people and can give them the opportunity to evolve in many directions.  It is an “enemy” that is usually hard to defeat. As we often need to find the strength, spirit, courage and the analysis to build up a decision and an intention for change.

Within this Karma Key we will find many answers to possible concerns on change.

Here it is possible to receive both positive and negative past lives information. Either way we need to reconcile all the opportunities for change or evolution that our different existences brought to us, especially the ones in which we did not made the best of that chance due to wrong decision making.

Karma Key 4: Children. Exclusion. Injustice. Rejection. Merit. Goodness

This Karma Key is the space where we can work issues relating to children we wished we have had but we have not and the causes behind it in every existence.

Another side of this is the children we wished we have not had but that we have. The reason we feel pain in this area is because, in many occasions, there might be “evolving guides” that we attracted at a moment in time due to disdain for life that make us suffer and that we need to forgo. If we are ready now to recognize how highly valuable life is we will be able to get rid of these energies.

This offers the opportunity to do a very deep healing of our consciousness. To remove layers of hidden pain that has been accumulated throughout different past lives, of all the mistakes, of all the adversities, and to stop looking on the outside for answers that only exist inside of us.

Other situations from the Akashic Records that Karma Key 4 deals with are the following:

Exclusion: The feelings of being excluded from family, from a social group, from a group of friends or from society.

Injustice: To feel that life is unjust with us, with a situation, or with our parents, brothers or sisters, in the workplace or the world.

Rejection: This refers to the rejection that we have experienced in different aspects of our lives and through different incarnations. This way we learn to value ourselves without the approval of others.

Merit (Dharma): In this Karma Key we will find the tools to connect with our merit energy. It is the inner enlightenment achieved through transformation, which provides us with enough strength to be able to get rid of negative attitudes, disdain towards life, towards creation and other attitudes that create pain.

Goodness: Here we also have the necessary elements to free the tensions from negative memories that bar our connection to the energy of goodness. This energy alone can deactivate mistrust and help bring out to the surface the best of each of us.

Karma Key 5: Psychic abilities

In many occasions the human being has skills that make him or her experiment real life in different ways than the rest of the people. Others cannot understand this ability. Psychic have existed and exist so that they can bring a message to mankind: “there is life after death”.

Throughout the history of humanity, this power has been persecuted, despised or put down by religions, calling it witchcraft, to generate fear and mistrust towards the people who had this skill. However this is a wonderful tool that Creation set up to so that we could help a lost soul transcend or cross this plane of life to the plane of evolution.

There are many reasons why a soul losses its energy strength to do the journey back to the Being. This is why the Creation arranged that some people would have this skill or power, doing two jobs; one ascending lost souls and a second one bringing a clear message that there is life after the physical death, so that we could all know that our soul or energy lives another reality to the one lived by the body.

Souls who have not departed completely need the energy or the strength that the medium gives them to continue their journey. In past lives when people have been mediums and have used this ability in a wrong way due to a incorrect interpretation, this Karma Key of the Akashic Records offers them the opportunity to put order to those mistakes.

Karma Key 6: Extreme Situations. Resources

This Karma Key opens an opportunity that stands out from the rest; this is, to show the best door to find solutions for drastic situations.

The Akashic Records contain our resources. Keeping calm and the serene is the path to find those means. In your Records or Archives are the resources used in past lives to come out of adverse situations as well as the results you got from taking specific actions.

There lives the information of every extreme situation in which you had to make a decision in a very short period of time, also if panic came over you or you were blocked, etc. This still remains in your Akashic Records and those experiences that are not resolved occupy a large space inside of you and currently interfere in your daily doings, in your decisions and in the way you act, somehow, they are a part of who you are.

With this Key we bring to the surface the most shocking events of our existence because they are the ones that emotionally had the greatest impact in our Archive or Memory, and are the ones that stand out, in a way, and can help us to live very differently any difficulties or obstacles.

Karma Key 7: Healing. Unconscious issues. Magic

With Karma Key 7 we can release a lot of built up pain throughout our existences. Every time we use this karma key we communicate we our Higher Self and it gets rid of every negative memory that it can depending on our state at that moment, which is the result of the personal work we have done in this lifetime.

Tiredness overshadows our character hiding under this darkness the positive side of our personality. The power of this clean-up can be noticed when we connect with the generosity and abundance that arises from our being as this healing goes deeper as well as with the general feel good state that can be felt after a session.

This Karma Key is very helpful for people who have lost a loved one and cannot accept this new situation. It is necessary to clean the ties that bind us with the deceased person that are the ones causing us pain. The reasons behind this are the unresolved conflicts with the person who is gone, due to lack of love in the relationship, communication, goodness, generosity, tolerance, kindness, sweetness or understanding.

Another aspect of the Akashic Records belonging to this is that it provides to us with information about our personality conflicts. It makes conscious our issues, both the unconscious ones which we are unable to see, even if they are obvious to everybody else, and the conscious ones.

In both causes we need to be very constant and patient. Resolving just one of these blockades represents a massive step in our evolution.

With Karma Key 7 we also have access to the information of everything relating to magic, positive and negative, the way in which we used this knowledge in past lives and the consequences of those actions or interventions.

Magic is a means of using energy to create either order or disorder, in many occasions with the purpose of getting money or power over people, etc. In any case experiences of painful lives are the result or a wrong focus in the use of our knowledge. This wrong use of energy attracts to us energies that impede our evolution and make more difficult all our processes, which is why it so important to heal and release them.

Karma Key 8: Anger. Orphanhood

Karma Key 8 contains the experiences in which we were not able to properly respond to what life brought to us and holds all the energy information or memories of anger.

Anger arises from all past lives in which we encountered a difficulty or changes and we shut down feeling pain and impotency due to a lack of personal resources.

The procedure for liberating this anger is a slow process which requires true reconciliation from the heart and forgiveness towards these circumstances.

The act of releasing anger comes from very high type of vibrations; from a state of union with our highest values and high vibrations of love and from vibrations of understanding, goodness, sweetness and consciousness.

Anger is a burden for humankind when not used properly. With this Karma Key we can bring clarity, healing and order to our lives and to the lives of those around us. Anger is located in the liver and fulfills a very important role as an organ. It requires from us that we help it free itself from energies that generate anger and that blend with others to cover up themselves and create all sort of reactions in different aspects of our lives.


Our learning process is sometimes very hard indeed specially when it involves coming to this plane with a pact of experiencing orphanhood.

There are different types of orphanhoods; from a father, a mother, or both; or when living in the care of other family members or with a host family. They are all very hard and depend on the type of welcome that the person has experienced within the host family, the shelter home, or none, and had to endure loneliness.

Going though orphanhood with siblings can strengthen their bonds in many cases. These bonds create ties and compromises of care from the elder towards the youngest ones taking the role their parents would have had. They often mature and face live with strength and sacrifice. Many times they become determined personalities and experience life in a very deep emotional and sentimental manner.

Often, growing up as an orphan causes to experiment many feelings such as; lack of love, lack of protection from parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, lack of resources, limitations and many other things which sometimes can produce a feeling of general mistrust.

Mistrust creates acrimony on the personality and this is shown in relationships when something reminds us directly or indirectly of the harshness that we have gone through, either through this life time or trough a past life or past lives as an orphan.

With this Karma Key we can cleanse the painful life lessons memories we have gone though in each of the incarnations in the Akashic Records, setting free all the tensions that we have accumulated and recovering the positive side of all this, which is the strength that we acquired through the extra effort of growing up with loneliness, the sharp mind and many other skills we developed in order to be able to survive.

Karma Key 8 also liberates us from the pain of the solitude as a feeling engraved in our cells.

Karma Key 9: Physical deformities

Life mysteries: Things such as physical deformities, small sizes, dwarfs, deformities or lack of extremities.

These types of irregularities are very hard lessons that the person who has them has to go through. It is a situation from an experience of limitation that forces them to go beyond their limits so they live and grows at a personal level in a way that they would not be able to do it otherwise. It forces them to stretch their limits and make a bigger effort to find the inner vibration of love from the limitation.

These choices are made in order to clean errors from past lives in which we were able to use and vibrate the frequency of love in all its strength and we did not do it.

Each limitation has its own peculiar characteristics relating to whatever it is that we have come to learn; i.e; the right arm is a limitation regarding the masculine energy, the left arm is a limitation regarding feminine energy, the eyes mean symbolically “the vision” from a masculine or feminine viewpoint, the feet or the legs represent the place from which you need to live this life, deformities in the face are disdains to life of people who have lived only from their external beauty and have not done any introspection in past lives, or have despised love as a means of communication and have used their beauty to manipulate the world.

In this Karma Key of the Akashic Records we can also receive the information from people who have been born together as Siamese twins in a past life having had to endure many difficulties to live their lives with some sort of normality.

It’s a Key that purifies and dignifies the person bringing her or him to a new consciousness and removing resentments from many situations that seem unjust.

Through forgiveness, it helps us to fraternize and release energies that have made us move forward with a pain wrongly focused.

Karma Key 10: Life purpose. Psychological disabilities

If we had the right connection to this Karma Key when we are born or, if we were able to keep it, it would allow us to be connected to what it is that we are here to do.

Our task with this key is to restore and repair many of the connections of our work on this plane of existence. This means recovering the necessary connections to our life plan. It is possible to actually check with this key whenever we need to make a decision on which are our next steps, in terms of work, relationships, having children or not having children, setting up business, and with whom.

The information we receive from the readings very often requires some time to be assimilated. When we allow the right amount of time for it to sink in the results we get are wider and more accurate, everything is continually evolving and requires its time.

We must remember that many of us have not properly balanced the systems of wise decision making and accuracy. In some it can be alright, in others just average and in other people totally wrong.

In this part of the Akashic Records we can repair the connections to the pending life learnings and analyze them to be able to do them with the less amount of pain. This is a great advantage since we can actually anticipate a physical illness and change the tendency so that the distress is reduced as much as possible.

Inside Karma Key 10 we can also find the psychological disabilities that we have endured in different past lives. This type of ailments usually causes the family in which the person is born either a very strong rejection or a very strong current of love. Some of the illnesses are: Down´s syndrome, autism, and other brain or neuronal ones.

Karma Key 11: Perversions. The Future

Karma Key 11 allows us to release old conflicts that are very profound. Things such as: phobias, perversions, rape, trauma, collateral effects and build up pain. Also: punishments with lack of liberty, submissions, slavery, blackmail, abductions, and robberies or having been robbed, murders and abortions.

Deviations from our own personality; i.e. on one hand due to excess or eccentricity and, on the other hand, because of a lack of connection with our own essence.

Not knowing how to choose or select things and suffering reactions motivated by inner fear. Emotions such as; feeling overwhelmed by a situation, not knowing how to find a way out and being terrified of changes.  Painful mistakes done in past lives and on our present life due to a lack of connection to our life purpose.

In this part of the Akashic Records we can see the paths we can follow, even if they might seem hard, and look for ways out. Find original options to break the monotony and the old mental structures.

It is important to remember that all human beings are run by our mental structures that completely condition us, up until we become aware of them and we start to run our own lives.

This Karma Key also allows us to look into the future into any aspect our life, but the most interesting way of doing this is to keep a personal growth perspective in mind.

Karma Key 12: Making conscious the unconscious

Karma Key 12 makes conscious whatever it is that we have more emphasized at an unconscious level. It provides a message that allows us to make sense and understand a situation, and it gives the information of what it is that we need to bring order to or harmonize in order to set free what blocks the progress towards the solution and the freedom of that stuck energy.

Sometimes, because we are dealing with very profound energies that are kept in our subconscious mind they could be very visceral issues and difficult to acknowledge them as ours.

This Karma Key requires a large amount of love as it is only the frequency of love that can restore the order. This Key opens the door to connect with tools from past lives that we are not utilizing. These are either our own or utilized by our ancestors and not used now due to lack of knowledge or ignorance of their true power and usefulness.

Each of us has different sides to our personality and we are unique. We need to be patient. Recovering certain connections might entail, first, putting order to other issues that apparently have nothing to do with them but that at a deep level are actually related.

In this part of the Akashic Records there is a lot of Love pending to be expressed, this is why it can take some time to untangle the blockades that might exist and that impede its free manifestation.

Karma Key 13: Heartache. Dissatisfaction

Working with this Karma Key we are going to be able to heal the wounds we have left in the heart of people to whom we have caused any suffering, for whichever reason or action, along our wheel of incarnations.

This healing of heartache is not only related to couples, but also to the pain we have provoked in the hearts of our children, parents, grandparents, boyfriends of girlfriends, work colleagues, friends, employees, enemies, neighbors, etc.

We need to heal whatever situation might come up from the Akashic Records and aiming to stay at peace with each person and event, taking the necessary time and process to do this, recovering the harmonized energy at the end.

It is important to pay attention to all the times that we have been hurt, and get rid of the energy of pain from our hearts, as these wounds that we carry in some cases do not allow us to even breathe properly and freely.

There are other implications derived from our past doings with lack of love, they are the collateral damages in various parts of our lives such as; general bitterness, frustration, general sadness, fear to be attached to any type of pain, etc.

In this part of the Akashic Records we will find deliberate cruelty, emotional, psychological or physical unjustified punishment, torture, tormentor, cruelty with magic, and abuse.

In many cases we have lost a lot of energy and we have internalized negative emotions and feelings which, when we liberate, they leave us with a feeling of peace and huge healing. Restoring these energies can be a little bit hard but what we get in return is as valuable as 22 carat gold.

Within Karma Key 13 we are able to deal with and heal the feeling of dissatisfaction. This can sound as a very generic issue, and we might want to focus on one aspect in particular, be this emotion can affect us in many ways not allowing us to enjoy life fully, due to this buried general sense of dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction creates unhappiness in many parts of our lives. Is like a pain or a wound in the palm of our hand that with every single brush constantly reminds us that that part of our body is damaged. Furthermore, we stop doing things we want to do that, if it were not for that pain, we would do them.

Sexual dissatisfaction, for example, can create an altered the general mood of the person who suffers it. His or her sense of humor is ironic, gloomy or non-existent. His or her creativity in other aspects of life too becomes limited or attenuated. In some cases the character of the person is bitter and there is some sort of disorientation when having to choose with whom to share this act, because of insecurities, mistrust and fear even to the unknown.

The hidden dissatisfaction, i.e. the one that we hold but of which we are unaware, because it is so integrated within us that seems like a part of us, manifests itself in the fact that we do not enjoy live. It is a visceral dissatisfaction that comes out from our guts and that shows up in different intensity in various parts of our existence but that we might excuse saying things such as “this is the way I am” or “is part of my character”.

Dissatisfaction can actually hide within itself disappointments that we have held inside through a very long period of time through past lives; relating to partners, work, diet, body, self image, our circumstances or the way we have run our lives, made a living or invested our time, etc. up until the moment that we heal and put some order in it.

Karma Key 14: Love. Survival. Disappointment. Failure. Mistrust

The love felt from the heart and that we have been able to vibrate in past lives will become present again if we are brave and we clean every and each of the situations in which we have acted in ways and used energies that have nothing to do with this fantastic vibration.

To go through every non-loving act and reconcile it is the same as recovering a sparkle that increases the glow of our heart. This way, our life can become an anchor that is going to last until the end of time, if from our consciousness we start to look at the thousands of actions in which we have used pain to communicate with others and make the decision to reconcile all those events.

During this process we must also do a healing or cleaning of energy and return the energy that does not “belong” to us of karma and pain to wherever and whomever it does. This way we will come out with more strength, courage and sweetness as we will have released all the bitterness created throughout the centuries. We must be thankful to live for every drop of this energy that we recover boosting our hearts.

This karma key will make conscious to us all the main issues that are still holding us back. It is a wonderful opportunity to deactivate dark aspects of our personality that impede the flow of love in its maximum expression.

This part of the Akashic Records also contains the information about all the actions we have taken throughout our incarnations to survive. These acts have been done for pure and basic survival, sometimes, and in other occasions to be able to carry on within a status or lifestyle. In some occasions we have not had an option to act differently but in some other times we have made this choice from our lower instincts of envy, selfishness, or because of not wanting to accept our mistakes or the need to change.

Another energy that contains Karma Key 14 is the disappointment which can influence many aspects of our lives and has a notch on our personality. Every disappointment in love, in our family life or in business is an emotional wound that needs to be healed.

Similarly, the energy of failure comes from unfulfilled hopes and expectations throughout past lives placed on a goal that was not achieved in the way that we had wished for. We can actually feel that we have failed in a number of ways such as with the education of our children, our marriage or with a job or a project. Another type of failure is the one felt when we have mediated in a conflict between two towns, counties or nations and we were not able to achieve a peaceful agreement, not being able to stop a rupture, a war, a fraud, an outrage or the death of innocent people.

Failure and disappointment very often are the breeding ground for mistrust. Very often it originates from the accumulated pain derived from mistakes in our choices. The various types of losses in our lives in matters in which we had placed many of our hopes creates pain, a sense of lost of safety and opens the way to the feeling of mistrust. And the same goes for unfulfilled expectations from our parents in our childhood.

Karma Key 15: Meanness. Mental illnesses

This Karma Key deals with meanness, which originates from unresolved inferiority complexes from past lives and, on this one, can interfere in many aspects. Very often it appears as emotional, verbal or psychological cruelty.

Meanness occupies a space in the Akashic Records and in our hearts that is made out of a mix of conflicts and life experiences throughout past lives that are not healed. It is a messy hard drive that we have not been able to rearrange and that manifests itself as: aggressiveness, mentally twisted people, contained anger, repression and many sexual frustrations derived of not focusing properly this energy. Also; complete disconnection with the sexual creative energy, a chaotic feminine energy and a lack of balance between the masculine, feminine and neutral energies. Inferiority complex or no self confidence in work matters, in life, in creativity, in sex as a man or a woman, or feeling physical or intellectual inferiority, a sense of limited self resources, ignorance of our own resources, no faith in ourselves, too much submission, repression and prone to be manipulated by others.

Furthermore choosing to overlook a conflict or neglect dealing with it properly, might take us to a mental illness that can express itself as a difficulty mentally or physically on the next incarnation. This translates that we will have less tools and resources to be able to use in that lifetime, and whenever this occurs we need to make an additional effort to transform the energy of weakness into one of strength and courage that will help us to outdo ourselves and our limitations of that moment.

Some of the mental illnesses are the consequence of evil actions from past incarnations, in which we were totally conscious of the pain and impact we were going to cause.

Mental afflictions have different origins and some of them are: meanness, cruelty, disdains for others and revenge. Also, madness, in each various forms, is a result of the pain we have induced on others with cruelty and on purpose. They are physical deformities of the brain.

Karma Key 16: Disabilities. Ego. Manipulation

This Karma Key gives us access to all the disabilities of the senses we have had in past lives such as; deafness, blindness and dumbness. Each of these impairments made it difficult to be able to relate to the things around us. It can, sometimes, generate a lack of resources in relating and interacting with the environment forcing people to move in small groups.

Another aspect that we have access to within the Akashic Records with this Key is the ego, and its different sides, usefulness or disproportionate actions, its attachments and their consequences.

In here we will also find all the conflicts derived from the practice of manipulation from the smallest act to the most elaborated one. We all manipulate in some degree; the human being is a manipulator because this is a program that exists in our subconscious mind, where this manipulation starts and it manifests itself in its highest form in people with a huge ego. It is important to look at oneself and notice when we are trying to manipulate others through our words, actions, attitudes, etc. even if our mind attempts to justify it.

Karma Key 16 also has access to all our incarnations in which we used the energy of humbleness in a right way and not so right manner. In here we can see when we have used this vibration for the wrong purposes even if we were aware of it. It is important to remember that healing or putting “order” to our conflicts will make us recover a lot of power and strength in tools that in past lives we have used wrongly and that now are loose and weak or we do not know how to use them properly. When we heal them we start to recover the ability to use them again from a new perspective more in line with our current needs.

If we have ever been entrepreneurs or merchants we can see whether we have used that position to manipulate or humiliate people or groups; equally from a religious, political or hierarchical viewpoint, or inside a partnership or a couple, or our children because of lack of time, education, love or enough goodness. Healing this is crucial to advance towards our current goals.

Karma Key 17: Exchange

With this Karma Key we can reconcile the actions that have caused us conflicts and also recover the loss of certain specific skills that we have lost for inappropriately having used the energy of exchange. We can recover many of our abilities and, in some cases, tools that can allow us to become more successful in our commercial exchanges.

Harmonizing this exchange energy will allow us to be more intelligent, smarter and to have a clearer mind. In order to achieve this we need to heal each action and recover the energy that is stuck in each one of them. We can harmonize the energy relating to different issues from past lives such as:

  • Family heritage, our own heritage, failures and the way we have dealt with them, guile and lack of honesty, abuse or scorn to achieve our goals.
  • Feeling of underachievement and bad influences from partners or work colleagues.
  • Destructive businesses, tricks put together to swindle people, robbery, and wars motivated by all sorts of ambitions.
  • The stealing of ideas, scam, greed and the anxiety of never having enough.

We can also recover energy from the following information or memories from our Akashic Records:

  • From the transactions or services provided with a fair exchange of energy or money.
  • From the actions done with goodwill and from the deals done rightly and for the benefit of both parts.

After doing this process we must feel that life will always provide us with whatever it is to fulfill our life purpose. There is an influx of new energy of right exchange which cleanses all selfishness and provides confidence.

Karma Key 18: Events. Disabilities. Oaths

Specific past lives events that we wish to look for and heal can be searched for with this Karma Key.

It is also related to total or partial disabilities such as; poliomyelitis, legs or arms mutilation. Every amputation has a meaning and it can be the result of an event of this life time or from a past life event.

Oaths from past lives that are holding us back now can also be dealt with in this section of the Akashic Records. With Karma Key 18 we can go to where and when the pact was originated.

Blood covenants or solemn oaths can be an added burden to our present life; it is therefore of the upmost importance to heal them and to put at ease our mental structure.

Pacts or oaths that we have done throughout our incarnations have slowed down for a long time our evolution without being in the least aware of why we were stuck in a specific area of our lives. In here we also have the periods of time we agreed in past lives for relationships, business, couples, etc. It is possible to see the duration of these unions and also different types of periods, such as of poverty, richness, sickness, etc.

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