These testimonials have been written by clients on Thumbtack where Angela registered with her spiritual name of Uma: https://www.thumbtack.com/energy-karma-healing

5/5 stars

Uma was warm, kind, and professional. I loved my experience with her. It was uplifting and enlightening.

Suman M. Nov 16, 2017


5/5 stars

Without reservation, I give Uma 5 stars. These are just some of the criteria from which the rating is based:
#1 Uma has a kind, compassionate demeanor. Above all, she is an excellent listener which contributes to her responsiveness.
#2 The process used is completely collaborative and interactive. While Uma shares her input, my feedback was taken seriously and an integral part of our sessions together.
#3 After having multiple sessions, I have seen tangible positive shifts in my life around the areas we focused on. Close friends and family have also observed these shifts.
Thank you Uma!!!

JY. San Francisco, USA. Feb 24, 2016


5/5 stars

Uma was very patient and kind. She really took the time to focus on things that were coming up with me and her energy is fantastic!

Rr R. Jun 3, 2015


5/5 stars                                             

She is very spiritual and grounded person. As soon as I started to talk to her, I felt she was the person I could really trust. She worked hard and genuinely for me, and I really appreciated the support and energy from her. I felt she addressed the issues exactly where I needed to work at this moment, without me telling her what I want to work with. She pointed out things I didn’t even think or imagine, but deep down in my gut, I sensed I needed to accept and learn, and healed. She is absolutely wonderful and powerful person and I recommend her if you are looking for karmic healing.

Takemi K. May 22, 2015


5/5 stars                                             

I was not that familiar with Akashic Records, but Uma guided me through the session effortlessly. She was surprisingly accurate about the major themes in my life, and brought up very specific people and feelings I’ve been holding on to for years.

In the 1-hour session, she was able to identify energies that were causing problems and work with me to quickly clear them and reconcile so that I could move on. It seems like a simple process, but also very profound.
One example: Uma brought up a person (my ex-girlfriend) who was keeping me energetically tied to my old apartment. The relationship was over, but there was a lot of lingering emotion. Uma saw an image of a baby, which didn’t make sense to me at the time. We did some clearing of those old connections so that I could move forward.
Literally an hour later, I found out that the ex was 3 months pregnant and planning to get married, and I also happened to be handing off the keys and moving out of the old apartment that day.
Obviously those things were already in motion, but Uma said be prepared for things to happen in life as a result of the session, and they certainly did! That issue had been plaguing me for 2 years, and it was resolved an hour later. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence.
Uma is intelligent, articulate, and sweet; and is an expert at her process of counseling. I highly recommend trying a session!!

Sandy C. May 7, 2015


5/5 stars

I was really impressed with Uma’s ability to so completely connect with what needed to be addressed in me, and she easily related to me throughout our session in a warm and caring manner. She is truly gifted. A true sense of calm and relaxation awaited me after our session. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Rene T. May 7, 2015


5/5 stars

Past Lives Akashic Records reading and clearing by Uma Angela was a very meaningful step for my life.

I am a healer myself so I can sense what she is meaning…in case one doesn’t understand what she is performing or doing it doesn’t matter. What matters the most is the healing that comes with the Reading/Process. Just trust the process and relax and let go. That’s what I did and I already feel I am very light and very energetic. I felt this whole session was meant ‘to BE’.

Whole process of connecting to my Akashic Records, getting messages from beings, putting intention for the session intuitively for my needs, finding blockages, clearing blockages and reprogramming is amazing and very surprissing. I felt the whole session to be very powerful and very intensive. Every aspect she said felt real and resonated with my heart. I am sure, I am going to have a blast in the future with this release that she performed…feeling light body already. Uma energetically connected to my Records and Spiritual Beings, found the blockages for my health, deep emotions which are stuck and stored subconsciously for life times and which are not serving me any highest good for my current life. I didn’t have to do much…everything Uma did it. She explains clearly what is causing the issue by going through the records. And she provides clear instructions for any releasing to be done or for any new programming to be done. I felt that she was right on spot and accurate with everything that she said. Truly wonderful and Powerful. I felt that in overall pastlife karma releasing/reprogramming that Uma does is life transforming

Unknown V. May 4, 2015


5/5 stars

Uma has extensive knowledge of the the human being and the forces that are present in and outside each of us.
Her apporoach very friendly, so it was easy for me to enjoy the process.
Two thumbs up from me

Borja C. Apr 28, 2015


5/5 stars

I have done a few Karma coaching sessions with Uma, and they have all been well worth the investment. The symbology used, the language and explanations were all very well thought out and Uma is clearly mastered her craft. She has a very personable approach, which is crucial when talking about something so intimate as someone’s Karma.

Because of my schedule, the Skype sessions were incredibly convenient and suitable. She is always flexible and tries to accommodate my schedule. I would say that the only tricky situation is the time difference. That said, it’s well worth trying to figure out the time zones- services like those provided by Uma are not available (to my knowledge) here in the US, and if they were, they would certainly be more expensive than what they are with her.

Couldn’ t be happier with her services and I will continue to seek her coaching and advice.

Olivia J. Apr 27, 2015


5/5 stars

I live in London and found Uma online. I was looking for someone that could understand the deep work I wanted to resolve, I did not want to waist time going through past issues & history that often has to be established between a therapist and a client as I have already spent much time there, what I was looking to heal was direct and specific, to get to the root of that in my experience as a teacher and healing practitioner myself would traditionally take too long. Uma was perfect for what I was looking for. The way she worked was easy to get started, efficient and effective. Uma works with grace, wisdom, compassion & elegance. I highly recommend her healing services.
Emily Dawson. Coach for Life. London. UK
Emily D. Apr 27, 2015
My Skype experience with Uma was simply fabulous. It’s amazing how technology can blur such distances! Her readings were very insightful and I can honestly say that even after one session with her, I feel the healing process within me happening. This was such a fruitful and successful session that I am certainly doing it again. In fact, I will be buying sessions for my friends here and in other parts of the world as gifts-such a great investment in my karma!

-OJ from New Hampshire 2015-02-04 11:06


Testimonials in Spanish from previous website:

El reiki es, para mí, una experiencia altamente recomendable que, aplicada por las manos adecuadas, resulta casi milagrosa. Me he puesto en manos de Angela Andueza en dos ocasiones complicadas. La primera vez la visité en un momento personal difícil y abandoné su consulta con una serenidad que no había sentido en todos los meses anteriores. La segunda vez pasaba por un extraño episodio de taquicardias e hipotermia y, tras una visita a urgencias, su sesión fue lo que más contribuyó a estabilizarme. Las manos de Angela son lo mejor para esos momentos en lo que sabes que tu batería está al límite y crees haber perdido el cargador.

L.E. – Julio 2014


Me animé a realizar una sesión de Kinesiología-Registros Akáschicos y todavía no salgo de mi asombro de cómo pudo sacar algo que tenía tan guardado produciéndole tanto dolor, lo reconocí inmediatamente.
La manera de dirigir la sesión me resulto respetuosa, clarificadora y sanadora.
Muy agradecida, por supuesto lo recomiendo.

Monika – Junio 2014



Me encontraba en una espiral de tristeza, pena, desesperación, ansiedad, sin ganas de nada.

Le conté a Ángela brevemente mi situación, lo que había pasado en mi vida y pasamos a la acción. Me sentí bien desde el principio, cuando empezamos tenía una sensación de intriga por saber qué iba a pasar o qué iba a experimentar. Me encontré en paz, a veces, no entendía muy bien lo que pasaba, pero me dejé llevar por la voz de Ángela y confíe plenamente en ella, sabía que me podia ayudar.

Me ayudó a encontrarme, a creer en mi misma de nuevo, estuvimos repitiendo unas frases, para mi, de consuelo y de fuerza, de esperanza en volver a estar bien con todo.

Cuando salí de su consulta me fui tranquila, pensando mucho todo lo que habíamos hecho y me dejé llevar por las sensaciones que invadían mi cuerpo.

Me ayudó mucho, muchísimo a seguir con el camino de esta vida, que a cada unos nos toca vivir, de una manera o de otra. Pero es necesario saber que hay terapias que nos pueden ayudar a hacer el camino más llevadero para que así, el futuro que nos espera pueda ser mejor.

Experiméntalo. Siéntelo.


Veronica Romero – Enero 2014


Buenos días Ángela,

¡Muchas gracias por los mensajes, por mail y móvil (lo había visto)!

Te puedo confirmar que he notado un cambio la semana pasada, pues algo como que han vuelto mis fuerzas de antes, tengo ánimo e ilusión (los detalles prefiero comentártelos en persona).

En cuanto a la sesión de hoy y viendo el panorama que hay (el miércoles me voy a Alemania y cuando vuelva el finde que viene directamente vamos de vacaciones, a Huelva 🙂 casi preferiría que dejamos la sesión de hoy y seguimos el 02/09 a las 19:00 h, tal y como acordamos. Aunque me da cosa porque tengo de verdad muchas ganas de seguir. Espero que no te importe …

Es increíble el trabajo que haces, todos mis respetos ¡QUÉ BIEN!

Muchas gracias & un abrazo,

A.K. – Agosto 2013


Hola Angela,

Agradezco mucho tu interés, después de la sesión tuve un gran cambio, ya que sentí todos los problemas con mi ex marido muy lejanos e incluso me costaba recordarlos. Luego ha vuelto todo un poco pero me encuentro mejor.

Me encantaría si podemos volver a realizar otra sesión ya que para mí fue muy positivo. El martes que viene día 05 dime a qué hora podrías. Si puede ser a las 15:30 te lo agradecería.



M.C. – Febrero 2013

Subject: gracias

muchìsimas gracias Angela por tu disponibilidad y por el cuidado de esta tarde. Te llamas como mi madre!

Agradezco mucho tus esfuerzos en hacer que se puedan entender aùn màs de los mensajes del cuerpo. A parte del autosabotearme a mi misma, me gustarìa que pudièsemos profundizar sobre la cuestiòn de los alimentos relacionados con las emociones, me pasa mucho comer dulces o cosas no sanas en momentos en los que estoy sola y pensando en recuerdos o responsabilidades que me crean un cierto tipo de ansiedad.  Es como si en el fondo no quisiera estar bien y en salud, algo que deseo de forma racional y lògica todos los dìas!! Necesito recuperar una alimentaciòn regular y sana, creo que el tema de las alergìa llegue de allì!

Confirmamos de momento la cita para el mièrcoles que viene,

muchìsimas gracias!

A.M – Febrero 2011


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