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Prosperity is : lack of fear

But how come this two are related? Well, very simply because prosperity and, specially, money is an energy that flows. When there is fear in our hearts we close down, even if we are not aware of it, and this happy energy does not move freely. Sometimes we wish for prosperity so hard that we do not even stop to look at ourselves, where we can find all the answers.

Often we have a list of ideas, or a plan, that we trust is going to bring us closer to that life that we dream about, but do we take action? And not “any” action, but appropriate action?

Our mind is an “expert”, when there is some sort of blockade like fear, to make us believe that we are doing something about our goals, or, when we are not, to give us the most perfect explanation of why not. For example, “I was not able to send that email yesterday because the internet went down”. It seems so reasonable does it not? Well, it is just an excuse.

Basically, our ego hides from us everything that is going to force it to make changes. Our psyque likes the “status quo”, this is; your life as you know it. Not new things, not changes and specially not surprises.

This is because our brain was designed to help us survive. Just, survive. When we were cave men and women our brain would register in a much deeper level all the negative experiences than the positive ones. Remembering where we had been attacked and where it was safer to hunt or harvest was key for our lives. So our mind is programed against walking into the unknown or trying something new.

There are many other reasons why we might feel we are facing a wall all the time in terms of business, prosperity or money which can be traced to past lives, karma or negative energies. But knowing that your brain is probably not going to help you get out of your comfort zone, might make you more alert, not pay attention to the excuses that it gives to you, take big breath and just go for it.

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