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Mary and Karma Key 4. True case

Knowing what is actually at the root of a painful feeling can be the first step to come out of it.

Mary had been seeing a married man for half year when I met her. She was very upset because a few months earlier he had broken up with her in a way that she could just not get over. Right from the beginning she had believed that this relationship had no future so she had no expectations, but nevertheless, there was something about this break up that did not allow her to move on, in other aspects of her life too. In fact, initially she had come with a “work” issue in mind, but after testing what was the best subject for the reading that day, I told her that “love” came out. It was at the end of the session that I learned the full story.

So, we started, and Karma Key 4 came up, a Key that deals with the theme of “children”. I felt a very strong emotion of sadness and loss that translated to an idea that kept coming up; “that was my opportunity to have had a child, and I missed it”.

When I described this to her, she was shocked and said that she would explain to me later. We continued the session with other things and finalized with the healing and releasing side of the process.

Before saying goodbye Mary asked me if I wanted to hear her account and I said yes. She told me that her sister, who was mentally disabled with Down syndrome and very much loved by all her family, had passed away last Christmas. Losing this sister had touched her emotionally in many ways and this man, that she had been seeing for months, just sent her a “sorry” text message and then disappeared, for good, afterwards.

She thought this was the reason why she was still not feeling at her best, but after the information I gave to her she remembered yet another incident.

A couple of months before Christmas her menstrual period had been late for two weeks. Mary had no children and for that fortnight she had been completely sure that she was pregnant and furthermore, that regardless of what this man wished, she would have that baby. Talking to me she started to recall how intensely she had made this decision, to the point of almost feeling it physically sinking down in her belly. But interestingly enough, because of her very special´s sister passing two months later, she had completely forgotten about it. Now she knew though, what a strong effect, that experience had had in her. In fact, even more than losing her lover.

This session had a double effect on her. On the one side, energetically, she let go of that memory and, on the other side, learning about the true cause of her sorrow helped her put everything into perspective.

A couple of days later we spoke and she told me that she was very happy because she had been able to delete his phone number from her mobile, to stop checking his status on “WhatsApp”, something that she had been willing to do for a long time but she could not.

This was very important to her. She was delighted and felt very relieved. She was now ready to refocus and restart her life.

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