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“Why are you single?”

People ask this question quite often when you are single, and answering it can be very difficult and, sometimes, even uncomfortable. Your mind has probably made up a perfectly reasonable explanation for your current state of affairs and this is the one you usually offer everybody. However the real truth hides in a deeper place. 

You may think that the reason why you do not meet ”the one” is because you do not go out too much or maybe because you have not joined an internet dating site. If you are a little bit sensitive you probably consider that there are also emotional issues involved such as fear or insecurities that somehow block the arrival of a suitable partner. Or you can even sense that you have not let go completely of your previous relationship, etc.

We perceive that there are many “levels” from which we can answer the question of “why we are single”. From the most superficial to the most profound. Actually, the deeper we go, the closer we get to the truth. And as Jose Luis Parise says if we go the most subtle forces of all, i.e. more energy-based and less material, the further we are able to tap into the origin of everything and the power for change.

And what could be more subtle than past lives and karma? Probably many other things too, but, from what I have learned and experienced, understanding and healing relationships from this viewpoint can be completely transformational.

With this technique we often encounter situations that explain our current circumstances, or  we locate energies of pain and anger, for example, that do not allow us to move on and heal them. Changing these energetic memories is the first step towards freedom and a new life.

Booking a session is the best way to deal with them but if you do not buy one, try this exercise at home. Seat down for a moment and think of someone from the past that you have not completely forgiven. Make an effort and see what positive lesson or lessons you learned from it. Write a letter thanking him or her for that important experience and saying that you choose to forgive them. It is not necessary to post the letter. You can send it or you can just burn it. The benefit of this exercise is when you write it. Do not take my word for it. Try it for yourself and you will see the results.

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