Karma Key 9: Physical deformities

Life mysteries: Things such as physical deformities, small sizes, dwarfs, deformities or lack of extremities.

These types of irregularities are very hard lessons that the person who has them has to go through. It is a situation from an experience of limitation that forces them to go beyond their limits so they live and grows at a personal level in a way that they would not be able to do it otherwise. It forces them to stretch their limits and make a bigger effort to find the inner vibration of love from the limitation.

These choices are made in order to clean errors from past lives in which we were able to use and vibrate the frequency of love in all its strength and we did not do it.

Each limitation has its own peculiar characteristics relating to whatever it is that we have come to learn; i.e; the right arm is a limitation regarding the masculine energy, the left arm is a limitation regarding feminine energy, the eyes mean symbolically “the vision” from a masculine or feminine viewpoint, the feet or the legs represent the place from which you need to live this life, deformities in the face are disdains to life of people who have lived only from their external beauty and have not done any introspection in past lives, or have despised love as a means of communication and have used their beauty to manipulate the world.

In this Karma Key of the Akashic Records we can also receive the information from people who have been born together as Siamese twins in a past life having had to endure many difficulties to live their lives with some sort of normality.

It’s a Key that purifies and dignifies the person bringing her or him to a new consciousness and removing resentments from many situations that seem unjust.

Through forgiveness, it helps us to fraternize and release energies that have made us move forward with a pain wrongly focused.

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