Karma Key 8: Anger. Orphanhood

Karma Key 8 contains the experiences in which we were not able to properly respond to what life brought to us and holds all the energy information or memories of anger.

Anger arises from all past lives in which we encountered a difficulty or changes and we shut down feeling pain and impotency due to a lack of personal resources.

The procedure for liberating this anger is a slow process which requires true reconciliation from the heart and forgiveness towards these circumstances.

The act of releasing anger comes from very high type of vibrations; from a state of union with our highest values and high vibrations of love and from vibrations of understanding, goodness, sweetness and consciousness.

Anger is a burden for humankind when not used properly. With this Karma Key we can bring clarity, healing and order to our lives and to the lives of those around us. Anger is located in the liver and fulfills a very important role as an organ. It requires from us that we help it free itself from energies that generate anger and that blend with others to cover up themselves and create all sort of reactions in different aspects of our lives.


Our learning process is sometimes very hard indeed specially when it involves coming to this plane with a pact of experiencing orphanhood.

There are different types of orphanhoods; from a father, a mother, or both; or when living in the care of other family members or with a host family. They are all very hard and depend on the type of welcome that the person has experienced within the host family, the shelter home, or none, and had to endure loneliness.

Going though orphanhood with siblings can strengthen their bonds in many cases. These bonds create ties and compromises of care from the elder towards the youngest ones taking the role their parents would have had. They often mature and face live with strength and sacrifice. Many times they become determined personalities and experience life in a very deep emotional and sentimental manner.

Often, growing up as an orphan causes to experiment many feelings such as; lack of love, lack of protection from parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, lack of resources, limitations and many other things which sometimes can produce a feeling of general mistrust.

Mistrust creates acrimony on the personality and this is shown in relationships when something reminds us directly or indirectly of the harshness that we have gone through, either through this life time or trough a past life or past lives as an orphan.

With this Karma Key we can cleanse the painful life lessons memories we have gone though in each of the incarnations in the Akashic Records, setting free all the tensions that we have accumulated and recovering the positive side of all this, which is the strength that we acquired through the extra effort of growing up with loneliness, the sharp mind and many other skills we developed in order to be able to survive.

Karma Key 8 also liberates us from the pain of the solitude as a feeling engraved in our cells.

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