Karma Key 7: Healing. Unconscious issues. Magic

With Karma Key 7 we can release a lot of built up pain throughout our existences. Every time we use this karma key we communicate we our Higher Self and it gets rid of every negative memory that it can depending on our state at that moment, which is the result of the personal work we have done in this lifetime.

Tiredness overshadows our character hiding under this darkness the positive side of our personality. The power of this clean-up can be noticed when we connect with the generosity and abundance that arises from our being as this healing goes deeper as well as with the general feel good state that can be felt after a session.

This Karma Key is very helpful for people who have lost a loved one and cannot accept this new situation. It is necessary to clean the ties that bind us with the deceased person that are the ones causing us pain. The reasons behind this are the unresolved conflicts with the person who is gone, due to lack of love in the relationship, communication, goodness, generosity, tolerance, kindness, sweetness or understanding.

Another aspect of the Akashic Records belonging to this is that it provides to us with information about our personality conflicts. It makes conscious our issues, both the unconscious ones which we are unable to see, even if they are obvious to everybody else, and the conscious ones.

In both causes we need to be very constant and patient. Resolving just one of these blockades represents a massive step in our evolution.

With Karma Key 7 we also have access to the information of everything relating to magic, positive and negative, the way in which we used this knowledge in past lives and the consequences of those actions or interventions.

Magic is a means of using energy to create either order or disorder, in many occasions with the purpose of getting money or power over people, etc. In any case experiences of painful lives are the result or a wrong focus in the use of our knowledge. This wrong use of energy attracts to us energies that impede our evolution and make more difficult all our processes, which is why it so important to heal and release them.

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