Karma Key 6: Extreme Situations. Resources

This Karma Key opens an opportunity that stands out from the rest; this is, to show the best door to find solutions for drastic situations.

The Akashic Records contain our resources. Keeping calm and the serene is the path to find those means. In your Records or Archives are the resources used in past lives to come out of adverse situations as well as the results you got from taking specific actions.

There lives the information of every extreme situation in which you had to make a decision in a very short period of time, also if panic came over you or you were blocked, etc. This still remains in your Akashic Records and those experiences that are not resolved occupy a large space inside of you and currently interfere in your daily doings, in your decisions and in the way you act, somehow, they are a part of who you are.

With this Key we bring to the surface the most shocking events of our existence because they are the ones that emotionally had the greatest impact in our Archive or Memory, and are the ones that stand out, in a way, and can help us to live very differently any difficulties or obstacles.

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