Karma Key 5: Mediums

In many occasions the human being has skills that make him or her experiment real life in different ways than the rest of the people. Others cannot understand this ability. Mediums have existed and exist so that they can bring a message to mankind: “there is life after death”.

Throughout the history of humanity, this power has been persecuted, despised or put down by religions, calling it witchcraft, to generate fear and mistrust towards the people who had this skill. However this is a wonderful tool that Creation set up to so that we could help a lost soul transcend or cross this plane of life to the plane of evolution.

There are many reasons why a soul losses its energy strength to do the journey back to the Being. This is why the Creation arranged that some people would have this skill or power, doing two jobs; one ascending lost souls and a second one bringing a clear message that there is life after the physical death, so that we could all know that our soul or energy lives another reality to the one lived by the body.

Souls who have not departed completely need the energy or the strength that the medium gives them to continue their journey. In past lives when people have been mediums and have used this ability in a wrong way due to a incorrect interpretation, this Karma Key of the Akashic Records offers them the opportunity to put order to those mistakes.

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