Karma Key 4: Children. Exclusion. Injustice. Rejection. Merit. Goodness

This Karma Key is the space where we can work issues relating to children we wished we have had but we have not and the causes behind it in every existence.

Another side of this is the children we wished we have not had but that we have. The reason we feel pain in this area is because, in many occasions, there might be “evolving guides” that we attracted at a moment in time due to disdain for life that make us suffer and that we need to forgo. If we are ready now to recognize how highly valuable life is we will be able to get rid of these energies.

This offers the opportunity to do a very deep healing of our consciousness. To remove layers of hidden pain that has been accumulated throughout different past lives, of all the mistakes, of all the adversities, and to stop looking on the outside for answers that only exist inside of us.

Other situations from the Akashic Records that Karma Key 4 deals with are the following:

Exclusion: The feelings of being excluded from family, from a social group, from a group of friends or from society.

Injustice: To feel that life is unjust with us, with a situation, or with our parents, brothers or sisters, in the workplace or the world.

Rejection: This refers to the rejection that we have experienced in different aspects of our lives and through different incarnations. This way we learn to value ourselves without the approval of others.

Merit (Dharma): In this Karma Key we will find the tools to connect with our merit energy. It is the inner enlightenment achieved through transformation, which provides us with enough strength to be able to get rid of negative attitudes, disdain towards life, towards creation and other attitudes that create pain.

Goodness: Here we also have the necessary elements to free the tensions from negative memories that bar our connection to the energy of goodness. This energy alone can deactivate mistrust and help bring out to the surface the best of each of us.

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