Karma Key 3: Lack of Love. Changes

This Karma Key is related to the love never received from parents, loved ones, partners or couples. Either because they were not able to express it, communicate it or give it to you. Here we will find all the uneasiness lived throughout our existences due to the lack of love.

These situations caused a huge emptiness inside of us, a vacuum that forced us to live many hardships, much mistrust and castrated the progress and expansion of the wonderful vibration of love. Many failures in our different existences have been caused by the lack of knowledge or ignorance of this sweet and serene vibration which is unconditional love. This frequency is a state of sweet wholeness, of harmony towards every human being that surrounds us.

Another very different aspect of our karma that can be dealt with this Karma Key is changes. We all need to make changes some times and this section of the Akaschic Records provides us with many possibilities.

Changes are a part of our lives and we might feel the need to make them at any age, and on many regards, such as relationships, work, and the city we live in, lifestyle and also internally.

Some changes can produce small or even large transformations in people and can give them the opportunity to evolve in many directions.  It is an “enemy” that is usually hard to defeat. As we often need to find the strength, spirit, courage and the analysis to build up a decision and an intention for change.

Within this Karma Key we will find many answers to possible concerns on change.

Here it is possible to receive both positive and negative past lives information. Either way we need to reconcile all the opportunities for change or evolution that our different existences brought to us, especially the ones in which we did not made the best of that chance due to wrong decision making.

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