Karma Key 2: Difficulties. Decrees. Curses. Visceral emotions. Commitment

In the first part of this Karma Key we have the biggest difficulties that we have encountered through our learning processes and on the second part the way to overcome them. This provides assistance to unblock and regain self confidence which will be very useful, also with the use of specific affirmations and decrees.

The type of difficulties we are dealing with here are: the ones we have experienced throughout past lives due to not having properly set up the connections with our live learnings, disorientation, feelings of unworthiness, lack of resources, mental confusion, a damaged mental plane with link to illness, incapacity to process information, disability to develop personal faculties, stagnation, lack of confidence and emotional pain.

Karma Key 2 provides the way to face these situations making changes, finding new ways and possibilities, opening doors, finding ways out and in many occasions, releasing energetic burdens and tensions. When we achieve all this the feeling remaining is of happiness, wellbeing and satisfaction.

In this section of the Akashic Records we can work with the “genies of the decree”, we will make decrees and do them with precision. It is not enough that the decree, or affirmation, is beautiful, it must resonate with us in our own heart and we must feel how it affects us inside generating, order, relief and strength. This is one of the main tools that unblocks attitudes, old patterns and changes limiting ideas and believes.

The “art of asking” is run by an entity of the Akashic Records that helps us connect with whatever it is that we need to put order on with the decree of transformation. In every process there is more than one decree and each decree or affirmation has its stage of change, integration, transformation and consolidation. It is also a must to establish the exact number of repetitions and number of days needed.

With this Key we will also find the curses that we have received in past lives, or the ones that we have made, and are pending to be healed.  They are the cause and effect of many things that bring to our current lives various headaches and obstacles and that we do not know how to make sense or resolve as we are ignorant of their true origin.

Another very important aspect of Karma Key 2 is that it opens the door to show us our visceral emotions, i.e. the feelings we get from the most profound and instinctive part of ourselves. There is nothing worst in the world than wishing to be something that we are not, and to do nothing to achieve it. Often we will find hidden energies or a mix of some of them that impede us to move forward. It usually has to do with fear, mistrust, frustration, insecurity and doubt that generate this blockade. It is the final sum of the different aspects that we have added through different incarnations.

Doing this sometimes can be difficult, but the result is overwhelming. Being able to free any of the above will allow us to recover a lot of energy that was stuck in different conflicts and it produces an enormous feeling of peace.

Finally, in this part of the Akashic Records we will also find the energetic information of the commitment. Being able to commit to a project, a person, an enterprise or a situation, means, being able to invest a part of ourselves in that commitment.

In many occasions life will bring us challenges that will question our commitments. These tests are opportunities for improvement that we discard due to fear, laziness or not bothering to change or consider breaking up our compromises.

Karma Key 2 holds the flexibility energy to adapt to changes needed to transform the internal barriers, shutdown attitudes, as well as feelings and emotions of culpability. In summary everything that holds us inside old believes and outdated values that have nothing to do with our life purpose.

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