Karma Key 18: Events. Disabilities. Oaths

Specific past lives events that we wish to look for and heal can be searched for with this Karma Key.

It is also related to total or partial disabilities such as; poliomyelitis, legs or arms mutilation. Every amputation has a meaning and it can be the result of an event of this life time or from a past life event.

Oaths from past lives that are holding us back now can also be dealt with in this section of the Akashic Records. With Karma Key 18 we can go to where and when the pact was originated.

Blood covenants or solemn oaths can be an added burden to our present life; it is therefore of the upmost importance to heal them and to put at ease our mental structure.

Pacts or oaths that we have done throughout our incarnations have slowed down for a long time our evolution without being in the least aware of why we were stuck in a specific area of our lives. In here we also have the periods of time we agreed in past lives for relationships, business, couples, etc. It is possible to see the duration of these unions and also different types of periods, such as of poverty, richness, sickness, etc.

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