Karma Key 17: Exchange

With this Karma Key we can reconcile the actions that have caused us conflicts and also recover the loss of certain specific skills that we have lost for inappropriately having used the energy of exchange. We can recover many of our abilities and, in some cases, tools that can allow us to become more successful in our commercial exchanges.

Harmonizing this exchange energy will allow us to be more intelligent, smarter and to have a clearer mind. In order to achieve this we need to heal each action and recover the energy that is stuck in each one of them. We can harmonize the energy relating to different issues from past lives such as:

  • Family heritage, our own heritage, failures and the way we have dealt with them, guile and lack of honesty, abuse or scorn to achieve our goals.
  • Feeling of underachievement and bad influences from partners or work colleagues.
  • Destructive businesses, tricks put together to swindle people, robbery, and wars motivated by all sorts of ambitions.
  • The stealing of ideas, scam, greed and the anxiety of never having enough.

We can also recover energy from the following information or memories from our Akashic Records:

  • From the transactions or services provided with a fair exchange of energy or money.
  • From the actions done with goodwill and from the deals done rightly and for the benefit of both parts.

After doing this process we must feel that life will always provide us with whatever it is to fulfill our life purpose. There is an influx of new energy of right exchange which cleanses all selfishness and provides confidence.

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