Karma Key 16: Disabilities. Ego. Manipulation

This Karma Key gives us access to all the disabilities of the senses we have had in past lives such as; deafness, blindness and dumbness. Each of these impairments made it difficult to be able to relate to the things around us. It can, sometimes, generate a lack of resources in relating and interacting with the environment forcing people to move in small groups.

Another aspect that we have access to within the Akashic Records with this Key is the ego, and its different sides, usefulness or disproportionate actions, its attachments and their consequences.

In here we will also find all the conflicts derived from the practice of manipulation from the smallest act to the most elaborated one. We all manipulate in some degree; the human being is a manipulator because this is a program that exists in our subconscious mind, where this manipulation starts and it manifests itself in its highest form in people with a huge ego. It is important to look at oneself and notice when we are trying to manipulate others through our words, actions, attitudes, etc. even if our mind attempts to justify it.

Karma Key 16 also has access to all our incarnations in which we used the energy of humbleness in a right way and not so right manner. In here we can see when we have used this vibration for the wrong purposes even if we were aware of it. It is important to remember that healing or putting “order” to our conflicts will make us recover a lot of power and strength in tools that in past lives we have used wrongly and that now are loose and weak or we do not know how to use them properly. When we heal them we start to recover the ability to use them again from a new perspective more in line with our current needs.

If we have ever been entrepreneurs or merchants we can see whether we have used that position to manipulate or humiliate people or groups; equally from a religious, political or hierarchical viewpoint, or inside a partnership or a couple, or our children because of lack of time, education, love or enough goodness. Healing this is crucial to advance towards our current goals.

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