Karma Key 15: Meanness. Mental illnesses

This Karma Key deals with meanness, which originates from unresolved inferiority complexes from past lives and, on this one, can interfere in many aspects. Very often it appears as emotional, verbal or psychological cruelty.

Meanness occupies a space in the Akashic Records and in our hearts that is made out of a mix of conflicts and life experiences throughout past lives that are not healed. It is a messy hard drive that we have not been able to rearrange and that manifests itself as: aggressiveness, mentally twisted people, contained anger, repression and many sexual frustrations derived of not focusing properly this energy. Also; complete disconnection with the sexual creative energy, a chaotic feminine energy and a lack of balance between the masculine, feminine and neutral energies. Inferiority complex or no self confidence in work matters, in life, in creativity, in sex as a man or a woman, or feeling physical or intellectual inferiority, a sense of limited self resources, ignorance of our own resources, no faith in ourselves, too much submission, repression and prone to be manipulated by others.

Furthermore choosing to overlook a conflict or neglect dealing with it properly, might take us to a mental illness that can express itself as a difficulty mentally or physically on the next incarnation. This translates that we will have less tools and resources to be able to use in that lifetime, and whenever this occurs we need to make an additional effort to transform the energy of weakness into one of strength and courage that will help us to outdo ourselves and our limitations of that moment.

Some of the mental illnesses are the consequence of evil actions from past incarnations, in which we were totally conscious of the pain and impact we were going to cause.

Mental afflictions have different origins and some of them are: meanness, cruelty, disdains for others and revenge. Also, madness, in each various forms, is a result of the pain we have induced on others with cruelty and on purpose. They are physical deformities of the brain.

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