Karma Key 14: Love. Survival. Disappointment. Failure. Mistrust

The love felt from the heart and that we have been able to vibrate in past lives will become present again if we are brave and we clean every and each of the situations in which we have acted in ways and used energies that have nothing to do with this fantastic vibration.

To go through every non-loving act and reconcile it is the same as recovering a sparkle that increases the glow of our heart. This way, our life can become an anchor that is going to last until the end of time, if from our consciousness we start to look at the thousands of actions in which we have used pain to communicate with others and make the decision to reconcile all those events.

During this process we must also do a healing or cleaning of energy and return the energy that does not “belong” to us of karma and pain to wherever and whomever it does. This way we will come out with more strength, courage and sweetness as we will have released all the bitterness created throughout the centuries. We must be thankful to live for every drop of this energy that we recover boosting our hearts.

This karma key will make conscious to us all the main issues that are still holding us back. It is a wonderful opportunity to deactivate dark aspects of our personality that impede the flow of love in its maximum expression.

This part of the Akashic Records also contains the information about all the actions we have taken throughout our incarnations to survive. These acts have been done for pure and basic survival, sometimes, and in other occasions to be able to carry on within a status or lifestyle. In some occasions we have not had an option to act differently but in some other times we have made this choice from our lower instincts of envy, selfishness, or because of not wanting to accept our mistakes or the need to change.

Another energy that contains Karma Key 14 is the disappointment which can influence many aspects of our lives and has a notch on our personality. Every disappointment in love, in our family life or in business is an emotional wound that needs to be healed.

Similarly, the energy of failure comes from unfulfilled hopes and expectations throughout past lives placed on a goal that was not achieved in the way that we had wished for. We can actually feel that we have failed in a number of ways such as with the education of our children, our marriage or with a job or a project. Another type of failure is the one felt when we have mediated in a conflict between two towns, counties or nations and we were not able to achieve a peaceful agreement, not being able to stop a rupture, a war, a fraud, an outrage or the death of innocent people.

Failure and disappointment very often are the breeding ground for mistrust. Very often it originates from the accumulated pain derived from mistakes in our choices. The various types of losses in our lives in matters in which we had placed many of our hopes creates pain, a sense of lost of safety and opens the way to the feeling of mistrust. And the same goes for unfulfilled expectations from our parents in our childhood.

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