Karma Key 13: Heartache. Dissatisfaction

Working with this Karma Key we are going to be able to heal the wounds we have left in the heart of people to whom we have caused any suffering, for whichever reason or action, along our wheel of incarnations.

This healing of heartache is not only related to couples, but also to the pain we have provoked in the hearts of our children, parents, grandparents, boyfriends of girlfriends, work colleagues, friends, employees, enemies, neighbors, etc.

We need to heal whatever situation might come up from the Akashic Records and aiming to stay at peace with each person and event, taking the necessary time and process to do this, recovering the harmonized energy at the end.

It is important to pay attention to all the times that we have been hurt, and get rid of the energy of pain from our hearts, as these wounds that we carry in some cases do not allow us to even breathe properly and freely.

There are other implications derived from our past doings with lack of love, they are the collateral damages in various parts of our lives such as; general bitterness, frustration, general sadness, fear to be attached to any type of pain, etc.

In this part of the Akashic Records we will find deliberate cruelty, emotional, psychological or physical unjustified punishment, torture, tormentor, cruelty with magic, and abuse.

In many cases we have lost a lot of energy and we have internalized negative emotions and feelings which, when we liberate, they leave us with a feeling of peace and huge healing. Restoring these energies can be a little bit hard but what we get in return is as valuable as 22 carat gold.

Within Karma Key 13 we are able to deal with and heal the feeling of dissatisfaction. This can sound as a very generic issue, and we might want to focus on one aspect in particular, be this emotion can affect us in many ways not allowing us to enjoy life fully, due to this buried general sense of dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction creates unhappiness in many parts of our lives. Is like a pain or a wound in the palm of our hand that with every single brush constantly reminds us that that part of our body is damaged. Furthermore, we stop doing things we want to do that, if it were not for that pain, we would do them.

Sexual dissatisfaction, for example, can create an altered the general mood of the person who suffers it. His or her sense of humor is ironic, gloomy or non-existent. His or her creativity in other aspects of life too becomes limited or attenuated. In some cases the character of the person is bitter and there is some sort of disorientation when having to choose with whom to share this act, because of insecurities, mistrust and fear even to the unknown.

The hidden dissatisfaction, i.e. the one that we hold but of which we are unaware, because it is so integrated within us that seems like a part of us, manifests itself in the fact that we do not enjoy live. It is a visceral dissatisfaction that comes out from our guts and that shows up in different intensity in various parts of our existence but that we might excuse saying things such as “this is the way I am” or “is part of my character”.

Dissatisfaction can actually hide within itself disappointments that we have held inside through a very long period of time through past lives; relating to partners, work, diet, body, self image, our circumstances or the way we have run our lives, made a living or invested our time, etc. up until the moment that we heal and put some order in it.

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