Karma Key 12: Making conscious the unconscious

Karma Key 12 makes conscious whatever it is that we have more emphasized at an unconscious level. It provides a message that allows us to make sense and understand a situation, and it gives the information of what it is that we need to bring order to or harmonize in order to set free what blocks the progress towards the solution and the freedom of that stuck energy.

Sometimes, because we are dealing with very profound energies that are kept in our subconscious mind they could be very visceral issues and difficult to acknowledge them as ours.

This Karma Key requires a large amount of love as it is only the frequency of love that can restore the order. This Key opens the door to connect with tools from past lives that we are not utilizing. These are either our own or utilized by our ancestors and not used now due to lack of knowledge or ignorance of their true power and usefulness.

Each of us has different sides to our personality and we are unique. We need to be patient. Recovering certain connections might entail, first, putting order to other issues that apparently have nothing to do with them but that at a deep level are actually related.

In this part of the Akashic Records there is a lot of Love pending to be expressed, this is why it can take some time to untangle the blockades that might exist and that impede its free manifestation.

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