Karma Key 11: Perversions. The Future

Karma Key 11 allows us to release old conflicts that are very profound. Things such as: phobias, perversions, rape, trauma, collateral effects and build up pain. Also: punishments with lack of liberty, submissions, slavery, blackmail, abductions, and robberies or having been robbed, murders and abortions.

Deviations from our own personality; i.e. on one hand due to excess or eccentricity and, on the other hand, because of a lack of connection with our own essence.

Not knowing how to choose or select things and suffering reactions motivated by inner fear. Emotions such as; feeling overwhelmed by a situation, not knowing how to find a way out and being terrified of changes.  Painful mistakes done in past lives and on our present life due to a lack of connection to our life purpose.

In this part of the Akashic Records we can see the paths we can follow, even if they might seem hard, and look for ways out. Find original options to break the monotony and the old mental structures.

It is important to remember that all human beings are run by our mental structures that completely condition us, up until we become aware of them and we start to run our own lives.

This Karma Key also allows us to look into the future into any aspect our life, but the most interesting way of doing this is to keep a personal growth perspective in mind.

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