Karma Key 10: Life purpose. Psychological disabilities

If we had the right connection to this Karma Key when we are born or, if we were able to keep it, it would allow us to be connected to what it is that we are here to do.

Our task with this key is to restore and repair many of the connections of our work on this plane of existence. This means recovering the necessary connections to our life plan. It is possible to actually check with this key whenever we need to make a decision on which are our next steps, in terms of work, relationships, having children or not having children, setting up business, and with whom.

The information we receive from the readings very often requires some time to be assimilated. When we allow the right amount of time for it to sink in the results we get are wider and more accurate, everything is continually evolving and requires its time.

We must remember that many of us have not properly balanced the systems of wise decision making and accuracy. In some it can be alright, in others just average and in other people totally wrong.

In this part of the Akashic Records we can repair the connections to the pending life learnings and analyze them to be able to do them with the less amount of pain. This is a great advantage since we can actually anticipate a physical illness and change the tendency so that the distress is reduced as much as possible.

Inside Karma Key 10 we can also find the psychological disabilities that we have endured in different past lives. This type of ailments usually causes the family in which the person is born either a very strong rejection or a very strong current of love. Some of the illnesses are: Down´s syndrome, autism, and other brain or neuronal ones.

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