Prices & Booking


You can buy one session or a package of two. The session lasts aproximately one hour and can take place once per week, or once every fortnight to allow the energy to settle in.

Please make sure to purchase the session in USD if you are based in the USA or in Euros if you are based in Europe.

Rates in USD 

  • 1 Session : $100 USD


  • 2 Sessions : $170 USD – at $85 USD each.

Rates in Euros 

  • 1 Session : 80 €


  • 2 Sessions : 130 € – at 65 € each.


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Explaining a process of this kind is like trying to explain a yoga class, a meal or a sunset. It is not easy, because it is an experience.

When we try to describe an experience it can feel as if we are trying to grab something as intangible as the wind. Nonetheless, the wind has the power to rip a tree from its roots. In fact, the more subtle we go at an energetic level, the greater the effect. And past lives and karma, is as subtle as you can get.

The premise of these sessions is that; the INFORMATION is very important, but the main goal is the HEALING. Here is how they roll out:

1) First, we establish the purpose of the session.

2) During the reading the information that we have access to can be of:

      • Past lives / Karma
      • Family lineage / Family Karma
      • Current life
      • Energies to be cleaned
      • Symbolic

3)  This is shared with the client and we start the reconciliation or forgiveness process. Here are some clues to understand this:

      • Tip 1: Forgiveness is not agreeing with terrible acts from the past.
      • Tip 2: Forgiveness is a process of letting go information that is actually hurting us in many ways. It is freeing ourselves even if, initially, it might not look like it.
      • Tip 3: We have all lived many lives and we have all been both victims, and perpetrators. We truly have. Knowing this will only open our hearts to be a better human being and achieve your maximum potential.
      • Tip 4: Before we incarnated we chose our main life lessons. So, somethings are due to karma, but others, are related to these life lessons that we cannot avoid. Once here, some of those lessons can seem very tough, but remember that we also come with the tools to overcome them. 
      • Tip 5: Consider this as a process of looking at these memories as chaos and shapeless “energy-information” and transmuting them into ordered and harmonious “energy-information”. This is the whole thing. In fact, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong, no judgement, no blame, no guilt. We just take our energy and change it from chaos to order .

4)  During the forgiveness process we need to not only “forgive from the mind”, but “forgive from the heart“. It is necessary to raise the love vibration of our heart chakra. Usually, we have “dense energies” of many kinds attached to those memories that do not allow us to do this. We locate these energies and here we do another process to let go of them. 

5) We reprogram a positive “energy-information” where we had the negative one.

Contact Uma at for more information or to book a session.