Online Healing Sessions

In order to be able to move forward and live the changes that we long for in our lives we need to know what the true obstacles are. To discover them we must go to a deeper place inside of us where the origin of many conflicts still resides. That place is our soul.

The soul holds the memories of our PAST LIVES and our KARMA. Here, we can find many answers, and most importantly, we can heal the original wounds.

Everything that exists in this universe has an energy that sustains it, and our ACTIONS that appear to us as “nothing”, are actually “something”. They put energy into motion around us and this energy generates a memory or a karma, that gets stored in a section of the astral plane called the “Akashic Records“.

Energy does not die or disappear but it transforms itself, and, that is also our goal with this healing technique.

Exactly the same way that our body naturally heals itself, the universe also searches constantly for its equilibrium. Therefore, every painful karma memory attracts circumstances that generate, in this lifetime, the same feelings of sadness, fear, anger, insecurity, selfishness, envy, loneliness, anxiety, or, states of poverty, violence, loss, confusion, failure, abandonment, etc. that began on a past lifetime, so that we are able to heal them.

The frequency with the highest healing power is LOVE, or rather a specific vibration of love “in action”: FORGIVENESS.

This “reconciliation” process usually requires that the person releases other energies that do not allow, quite often, to vibrate the forgiveness feeling strong enough. Once the person lets go of these energies, he or she can forgive and transmute karma. Emotions of peace, harmony and joy come up and multiple things start to happen in their lives bringing them closer to their goals, whichever they might be.

Sessions are done online and it does not require any type of previous beliefs on the above mentioned techniques or paradigms, but rather an open minded attitude and willingness to take responsability of our own lives.

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