Deep Emotional Healing via Skype

After moving to London where she studied a BA in Management and worked in banking as a trader, Angela changed careers and got trained as a yoga teacher and as a therapist.

This new path of personal growth in which she and her own life became experiments of these new paradigms, will be marked by her analytical mind that will demand that all these new concepts make sense, in a logical way, through tests and study.

Following years of trainings and practices in techniques such as: yoga, meditation, biodanza, reiki, kinesiology, akashic records, past lives, family lineages and, more recently A Course in Miracles, Angela combines all her knowledge and experiences in a Deep Emotional Healing session.

This technique helps to find the origins of any conflict or illness in more hidden places than usual and to transmute them. Always focused on the person’s goal, whatever it might be, it can cover all aspects of the human being. It brings kindly to the light the truth that our consciousness tries to hide and where all healing and happyness resides. 

  • Relationship issues
  • Couple and family issues
  • Work and money issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions
  • Fears and phobias
  • Mourning
  • Physical ailments and pain
  • Psycho-emotional ailments

To book a session contact Angela at: or +34 620101938 or go to this link: Book a Session.


The Session

Explaining a process of this kind is like trying to explain a yoga class, a meal or a sunset. It is not easy, because it is an experience.

When we try to describe an experience it can feel as if we are trying to grab something as intangible as the wind. Nonetheless, the wind has the power to rip a tree from its roots. In fact, the more subtle we go at an energetic level, the greater the effect. And past lives and karma, is as subtle as you can get.

The premise of these sessions is that; the information is very important, but the main goal is the healing. Here is how they roll out:


1) First, we establish the purpose of the session.

2) During the reading the information that we have access to can be of:

    • Past lives / Karma
    • Family lineage / Family Karma
    • Current life
    • Energies to be cleaned
    • Symbolic

3)  This is shared with the client and we start the reconciliation or forgiveness process. Here are some clues to understand this:

    • Tip 1: Forgiveness is not agreeing with terrible acts from the past.
    • Tip 2: Forgiveness is a process of letting go information that is actually hurting us in many ways. It is freeing ourselves even if, initially, it might not look like it.
    • Tip 3: We have all lived many lives and we have all been both victims, and perpetrators. We truly have. Knowing this will only open our hearts to be a better human being and achieve your maximum potential.
    • Tip 4: Before we incarnated we chose our main life lessons. So, somethings are due to karma, but others, are related to these life lessons that we cannot avoid. Once here, some of those lessons can seem very tough, but remember that we also come with the tools to overcome them. 
    • Tip 5: Consider this as a process of looking at these memories as chaos and shapeless “energy-information” and transmuting them into ordered and harmonious “energy-information”. This is the whole thing. In fact, there is no good or bad, no right or wrong, no judgement, no blame, no guilt. We just take our energy and change it from chaos to order .

4)  During the forgiveness process we need to not only “forgive from the mind”, but “forgive from the heart“. It is necessary to raise the love vibration of our heart chakra. Usually, we have “dense energies” of many kinds attached to those memories that do not allow us to do this. We locate these energies and here we do another process to let go of them. 

5) We reprogram a positive “energy-information” where we had the negative one.

To book a session contact Angela at: or +34 620101938 or go to this link: Book a Session.


About Angela

At twenty one Angela moved to London where she lived for seven years and worked in marketing and investment banking whilst studied part-time a BA in Management at Birkbeck College from the University of London. During the last two years she worked as a trader in Forfaiting at Standard Bank Limited and in 2002, back in Spain, she studied a Masters Degree in International Trade at the ESIC Business and Marketing School. Afterwards in Madrid she worked for multinationals such as the luxury group Richemont and Johnson & Johnson.

She had always had a deep calling for an inner quest though. This began at thirteen when, due to some stress issues of her father, her parents and herself did the Silva Method relaxation techniques course. She consequentely became accustomed to listening to relaxation tapes and understanding the power of the mind.

So, following a natural calling, in the summer of 2007, Angela took the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Teacher Training Course in which she also received her spiritual name of Uma. From 2007 until 2013 she taught more than 500 hours of regular classes at the Sivananda center in Madrid and, in the teachings of yoga and in the holistic study of the human, being she found her real passion.

During 2008 she studied Applied Kinesiology at the Spanish Association of Applied Kinesiology and in 2009, Holistic Kinesiology at the Spanish Association of Holistic Kinesiology. From 2010 onwards she started to treat patients.

Between 2008 and 2010 she took the “Teacher´s Training Course” of Anusara Yoga with Jayendra Hanley and Susana García Blanco and special workshops with Martin KirkDesiree Rumbaugh and Carlos Pomeda.

Motivated by the fact that, as time passed by, some of her students started to become pregnant, she took the intensive and fascinating course on “Kundalini Yoga for Pregnant Women and Babies”.

She continued to receive further training as a therapist and in 2009 she attended a workshop on “Homeopathy for Kinesiologists” and a course on magnetism on the body points defined by Dr. Goiz called the “Par Biomagnético del Dr. Goiz”. That same year she received the Reiki initiation and studied the E.F.T. technique. In 2010 she started the Herbal Chinese Medicine training also named “Biological Medicine” at the Insumed Institute.

In May 2009 during a Yoga Congress in Madrid she took a master class with the Mahashakti School from the North of Spain. Utterly impressed by its beautiful philosophy that said that we should not look for external gurus but connect with the inner teacher that lives in our hearts. That summer she attended their intensive Celular Yoga Course and their Integral Vipassana Meditation practice.

After 3 years of a regular yoga and meditation rutine, Angela felt that she needed to “jump out of the mattress” and bring in more “life” into her life: more laughter, happiness, contact, play, fun and spontaneity. So, in 2010, she took the Biodanza teacher training from the Biodanza International Institute. Biodanza, connectedher with her sense of joy, her inner child and helped her release a lot of her shyness, self awareness and rigidity, making her a more “human” being. As it happened with yoga, or even more so, Biodanza had a big “before and after” effect on her.

Other techniques and workshops that had an impact on her personal development were: a seminar on “Forgiveness” from the Consciousness Association and the personal practice during three months of the Presence Process described in Michael Brown´s marvelous book with the same name.

Between 2011 and 2014, she did a very intensive three years training on Akashic Records readings or “Karmic Soul Healing” through a unique radionic system that allows to access and heal karmic trauma and different energy-information. She has used this tool with clients from June 2013 with very profound changes and amazing results.

In the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013 Angela travelled with the recenty deceased (March 2020) alternative travel guide Manuel Delgado, who appeared on a number of Spanish TV mystery programs, on spiritual trips to Turquey, Jordan, Israel, and the most spectacular one, to Egypt, where she did further healing and energy work.

In October 2014 she attended a workshop “Past Life Regression Therapy” workshop at the Omega Institute, North of New York, with Dr Brian Weiss, author of the bestseller “Many teachers, many lives”.

In 2015 she studied the course “Regenerative Therapy” with specific Radionic figures which enabled her to project very high vibration energies that remove dense vibration ones, facilitating the reconciliation process during the sessions.

From 2015 to 2016 a small group of students continue further training connecting twice per week on Skype with their teacher to work with energies of even higher vibration that enable to do even more complex healings. 

At the end of 2018 Angela worked at one of the top European luxurious spa & health centers the SHA Wellness Clinic near Alicante in the South of Spain as a Mind & Body Therapist.

In December 2018 Angela received Darsham from Amma in Valencia, Spain.

In November 2019 Angela attended in Holland a one week long retreat called “Into the Kingdom” with David Hoffmeister, one of the most prominent teachers of A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and a true mystic. She is now a student of the Course.

To book a session contact Angela at: or +34 620101938 or go to this link: Book a Session.


Booking a Session

The session takes place via Skype or another method of video conferencing which must be shared beforehand.

Also, it it possible to get in contact with Angela to agree on a convenient date and time to do the session and then buy it, or purchase it and then contact Angela to make the appointment.

The session lasts one hour and can take place once per week or once every fortnight .

There is the option to purchase it in USD or in Euros so please be sure to choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Rates in USD 

  • 1 Session : $100 USD


Rates in Euros 

  • 1 Session : 80 €



Pay safely with Paypal. It might ask you if you have a Paypal account first but if you continue with the process you will be able to pay with a credit card.

To book a session contact Angela at: or +34 620101938.