Karma Healing


In order to be able to move forward and live the changes that we long for in our lives we need to know what the true obstacles are. To discover them we must go to a deeper place inside of us where the origin of many conflicts still resides. That place is our soul.

The soul holds the memories of our PAST LIVES and our KARMA, and this is what we have access to with this unique system of AKASHIC RECORDS readings. Here, we can find many answers, and more importantly, we can heal the original wounds.

Everything that exists in this universe has an energy that sustains it, and our ACTIONS that appear to our naked eye to be made out of “thin air” or nothing, are actually “something”. They put energy into motion around us. An energy that generates a memory or a karma, that gets stored in a section of the astral plane called the “Akashic Records“.

Energy does not die or disappear but it transforms itself, and, that is also our goal with this healing technique.



In the followig 25 minutes video below you will find really unique information, such as:

  1. the concept behind this therapy,
  2. the type of energies that exist around us
  3. and some free tips to do your own healing process at home.

Please contact Uma at uma@forgiveyourkarma.com or +34 620101938 should you have any questions or wish to book a session.

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After 30 years of intense hard work, study, research and canalizations Pere Bonet from Spain has defined 18 geometric symbols which hold the necessary vibration to act as PRECISE KEYS that allow, a trained therapist, to access that same number of segments of the Akashic Records. Each section has information that belongs to very different type of experiences, lifetimes and energies. Some are positive, but it is usually the negative ones that come out first as they are the ones that need to be reconciled and released with the highest priority.

To find out more about each Karma Key keep the cursor on top of the “KARMA THERAPY VIA SKYPE” heading and a drop down menu will be displayed.



Exactly the same way that our body naturally heals itself, the universe also searches constantly for its equilibrium. Therefore, every painful karma memory attracts circumstances that generate, in this lifetime, the same feelings of sadness, fear, anger, insecurity, selfishness, envy, loneliness, anxiety, or, states of poverty, violence, loss, confusion, failure, abandonment, etc. that began on a past lifetime, so that we are able to heal them.



The frequency with the highest healing power is LOVE, or rather a specific vibration of love “in action”: FORGIVENESS.

This “reconciliation” process usually requires that the person releases other energies that do not allow, quite often, to vibrate the forgiveness feeling strong enough. Once the person lets go of these energies, he or she can forgive and transmute karma. Emotions of peace, harmony and joy come up and multiple things can happen, even collaterally, such as a ten months baby suddenly hugging his mother for the first time after a session in which she healed a family karma information that had been inherited through out generations up to her son.



The world needs “you” to transmute your energy. The world needs to be healed.


Sessions are done via Skype. The information received and the healing technique can be carried out just as efficiently via Skype as if it were done face to face.

Contact Uma at uma@forgiveyourkarma.com or +34 620101938 should you have any questions or wish to book a session.

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Energy and Karma Healing